Little Grandfather

Little Grandfather
Directors: Joey Frank, Charlotte Kidd, Wilmot Kidd, Taylor Nelson, Dustin Yellin.
Feature Documentary on the Achuar People of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
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Director: Wilmot Kidd. Producer: Whitney Larkin.
Short Film for Whitney Larkin Jewelry.

Darkness of Day

Directors: Wilmot Kidd & Heath Millett.
Music Video.

Okay Computer

Daniel Pinchbeck interviews Josh Harris
Part 1: Warhol Was Wrong
Part 2: The World is a Soundstage

Directors: Charlotte Kidd & Wilmot Kidd. Producer: Xerxes Cook. Assistant: Heath Millett
Short Film for POST Matter.


Home Owner of Parksville

Home Owner of Parksville
Featuring: Thomas McDonell, Xan Aird, Matt McCormick.
Director: Robert Samuel Hayes.
Narrative Feature. ARRI Alexa.
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Action for the Delaware

Artist: William Lamson, Assistant: H. Millett.
Video Document & Installation. Canon 5Dmk2.
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Director: Charlotte Kidd, Producer: Cynthia Mittweg.
Short Film. Canon 5Dmk2.
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Private Eyes

private eyes
Director: Robert Samuel Hayes.
Narrative Short. S16mm Aaton XTRprod.

Odd Streets Run West

Director: Tannaz Hazemi.
Narrative Short. 16mm Arri SRIII.

American Family Ep. 9

American Family Ep. 9 Remake
Director: Theo Wenner.
Narrative Short. S16mm Aaton XTRprod.

Bi The Way

Directors: Brittany Blockman, Josephine Decker.
DPs: Nils Benson and Wilmot Kidd.
Documentary Feature. DVX 100