Photographic Sculptures

These sculptures come from a series of photographs from different angles of the same subject. A computer program finds matching points between the pictures, finds the depth from the camera of each point, and then maps those points in 3D space. For analogy, this happens similarly to how humans, animals, and even octopi — see Peter Godfrey-Smith's Other Minds — build a mental model of an object as they move around it.

This data is an intermediary on the way to a final work, as (for another analogy) a photographic negative is an intermediary on the way to a final print. After selecting, scaling, orienting, from this 3D point-cloud, this data can then be 3D-Printed or CNCed from a variety of materials.

local picture

Adhesive Advertisement Peeling from Subway Wall
CNC High Density Foamboard, 24" x 36" x 3"

Here you can see the adhesive weakening, the vinyl peeling and crumpling, as the ad comes out of its advertising bay set into the surrounding tile. Printed at 1:1 scale, each tile is about 4" to a side. While the grout was captured well in the dataset and is fairly evenly drawn, the tile wasn't, and is here represented as a loose wave.

local picture

USGS Geodetic Marker at the top of Mt. Everett in the Southern Berkshires
CNC High Density Foamboard & 3D Printed Photopolymer Resin (PolyJet) 24 7/8" x 27" x 3 11/16"

This reference marker was set on the top of Mt. Everett in 1938, following the previous reference set in 1844, which was just hammered into the rock. You can see here an upside-down U and G of USGS in the surrounding "rock" to the left. This mountain top would have then be used for surveying and trading land. The print here is 2:1 scale. These markers are 3.5" in diameter and cast in bronze, stamped with a place and date. Here it's reproduced at 7" in diameter in a photopolymer resin. You can read Bald Peak 1938.

local picture

Chain Link Tied With Wire
3D Printed PLA

Along a bus parking lot, this section of chainlink fence has some older sections behind it tied up with wire. The strands not under tension align and collide with each other. Printed at 1:1 scale where it sits in a big bed of powder as new layers are added and melted.

local picture

Spilled Wax on Rock Overlooking Roeliff Jansen Kill Valley & Catskill Mountains
CNC milled Light Grey Valchromat & Pink Resin 16 1/4" x 21" x 3"

Some hiker must have spent an evening here perhaps from dusk into candlelight, leaving this behind for others to find when hiking to the same overlook on the west side of the Berkshires, looking out over Roeliff Jansen Kill and the Catskills in the distance.

local picture

Drain Vent Pipe on Sidewalk
3D Printed Nylon Plastic & Glass 13" x 12" x 9"

Printed at roughly half-scale. Cut out material to mark the location of some incidental darawings and stickers on the pipe.

local picture

drain pipe cap under bqe
study for a 3D print