Outside at Night

Artist's Statement

These night-time works are the latest from a series that I began in 1998 with an early digital camera, and now make using large format film. While driving or walking, at dusk and long into the night, I may respond to a certain building, then circle around, and park. The building may render its social or existential context in a certain way. It may relate to me, in the situation of the lone traveller. It may set off a moment when nearby time and space are not weighed down and one's own thoughts are at play again. The interactions of electric light, sometimes natural light, building, built environment, and surrounding suburban landscape, triggers a visual feeling. I study the subject with a digital camera. I then switch to a large format film camera, and, once two or three negatives are complete, I return to the road. The large negative allows for a rewarding highly detailed print that can exceed my own memory in various details.