Wilmot Kidd (b. 1979) is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker based in New York. He graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Philosophy. His suburban nightscape series, taken primarily in the Hudson Valley, and executed in large tableau prints from 4-by-5 inch negatives, elaborates on the architectural documentary photography tradition. The works are also influenced by his experience with cinema and literature, and have been exhibited during his Pioneer Works Residency, and more recently in a talk at Harvard's GSD on a panel on landscape at night. A new series of works takes ideas from these nightscapes and transplants them to daytime landscapes. Kidd’s portrait photography has appeared in various publications including Vanity Fair and Monster Children. He has worked as a cinematographer on films presented at SXSW and "Aisle Take Manhattan", among other festivals. Kidd has conceptualized and fabricated video documents for installation artists, and has directed short fictional pieces for fashion houses and musicians.

Photography Exhibitions
Hazy Shade of Winter curated by James Salomon, Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens, Washington Depot, CT.
Sights, Narratives, and Sounds of the Night. Presented at the Harvard GSD conference After Dark: Nocturnal Landscapes and Public Spaces in the Arabian Peninsula, organized by Gareth Doherty and William Granara. [video, text]
Wythe Hotel Permanent Collection curated by Peter Lawrence and Kimia Kline, Brooklyn NY.
Residency Exhibition Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY.
Come Together Sandy curated by Phong Bui, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY.
Flooded Art Party 133 Imlay St, Brooklyn NY.
"Demand!" curated by Emerald Fitzgerald, Manetamed, Brooklyn, NY.
Slideluck Potshow 133 Imlay St, Brooklyn NY.
A Social Experiment curated by Charlotte Kidd and James Salomon, Old Stone Boys Club, Water Mill, NY.
Slideluck Potshow Sandbox Studios, New York NY.
King's County Biennial curated by James Fuentes, Charlotte Kidd, and Dustin Yellin, 133 Imlay St, Brooklyn NY.

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